Introducing Rosalind Romer, otherwise known as Punchline

Welcome to Punchline’s first blog! As the first entry, we thought you might like to know a little more about the person behind the scenes…

I am Rosalind Romer, otherwise known as Punchline. I produce and promote large-scale comedy shows in Edinburgh, bringing the best comedians together to create amazing nights of comedy.Rosalind Romer

Comedy has always been a part of my life. From watching The Marx Brothers at 4 and Blackadder at 9, I moved on to live comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe when I was 10. When I was old enough, I worked at the Fringe Box Office during my summer holidays and went to see as many shows as possible. When I graduated from Glasgow University, I went on a trip to Australia and the Melbourne Comedy Festival, and snuck in the Adelaide Fringe while I was there.

I returned to the UK full of enthusiasm, and applied to be a judge on the Perrier Panel. After an extensive interviewing process, I was told I had been successful.  I had to ask them to repeat it when they said I had won! It was an intense three weeks, where I broke the record of seeing the most shows (over 100). I got the comedy bug more than ever and decided a career in comedy was for me.

After scouting for the Perrier Awards the following year, I went to seek my fortune in London and worked at Chambers Management for two years, managing Jimmy Carr’s tours, and working with Frankie Boyle, Sarah Millican and Andrew Lawrence.

I was then asked back to coordinate the now Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards, where I stayed for two years. London was exciting but after four years I felt Edinburgh calling me home. But one thing was missing. Comedy. In August, Edinburgh is the centre of the comedy universe, but there isn’t the same choice as London which is the home of most UK comedians. Which is where Punchline comes in. I took the plunge, choosing the best four comedians and mixing a carefully balance blend of comedy to suit all tastes, and staging it in one of the country’s most lavish buildings, The Usher Hall. The reception was very positive, and one year on, I have produced my third show.

So what’s next? There are exciting plans in the Punchline pipeline which will unfold soon…


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