Edinburgh Fringe 2013 Preview: an interview with Katie Mulgrew

Katie Mulgrew: Your Dad's Not Funny
Katie Mulgrew: Your Dad’s Not Funny

Words by Susan Ford

Katie Mulgrew is currently previewing her new Edinburgh Fringe show up and down the country in the lead up to this year’s festival. The performance showcases this lovely lady as an extremely funny comedian, a clever joke writer at heart and a twister of the imagination. Last year at the Fringe Katie Mulgrew performed a 30 minute set alongside Tony Jamieson, but this year sees her stand up to her first full hour set at The Stand. When she previewed her show in the Beehive Edinburgh last week, I got the opportunity to catch up with her to discuss the Fringe 2013:

SF: Hello Katie Mulgrew, how are you?
KM: I am splendid, although the hot weather has reduced me to a puddle of a woman.

SF: Are you excited to be playing this year’s Edinburgh Fringe?
KM: I am more excited than I was when I first discovered you could get microwave camembert. WHICH IS VERY.

SF: How many times have you played the Fringe now?
KM: This is my first year doing a solo show but last year I did a split show with another stand up and then before that I’ve compared a couple of late shows and done various bits and bobs. I also worked in the Box office of one of the Fringe venues one year. I’ve been coming seven years but performed for about four of them.

SF: Your solo show is called ‘Your Dad’s Not Funny’, where does this name come from and what does it mean?
KM: It was what kids at school used to say to me because my Dad’s job was a comedian.

SF: Tell me a bit of what the audience can expect from your show this year?
KM: Jokes, pictures of cats and a probably poorly judged rap.

SF: What other acts do you recommend during this year’s festival?
KM: Michael J Dolan, Gary Delaney, Peacock and Gamble, Jayne Edwards, Cariad Lloyd, Gein’s Family giftshop, John Robins.

SF: What are your plans for the lead up to the festival?
KM: To try and not drive myself insane and to sleep loads.

SF: Where can we find out more about Katie Mulgrew?
KM: Well I am glad you asked me that, my website is http://www.katiemulgrew.co.uk or you can like my Facebook page thingy https://www.facebook.com/katiemulgrewcomedian
OR follow me on twitter @katiemulg. Phew, think that is all social media covered.


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