Edinburgh Fringe 2013 Preview: an interview with Mick Ferry

Mick Ferry
Mick Ferry: Has Been Found Wanting More

Words by Susan Ford

You may recognise Mick Ferry from his TV appearances on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, or John Bishop’s Only Joking; but his comedy CV also spans across performances alongside stand up kings Johnny Vegas, Sean Lock, Peter Kay, Al Murray and Steve Coogan. He is also a regular performer in The Cutting Edge at the London Comedy Store, and returns to Edinburgh this year for his 4th solo show ‘Mick Ferry has Been Found Wanting’.

This year’s show will see Mick Ferry write his own eulogy: most eulogies are all about how incredibly wonderful and amazing someone was, but surely, no one is ever that brilliant? Mick explores this theme with a comprehensive list of his own failings, a naturally funny path to release great jokes.  As he warms up for this year’s Fringe, I caught up with Mick Ferry for an interview:

SF: Hello Mick Ferry, how are you?
MF: I’m fine thanks, how are you?
SF: Excellent!

SF: Are you excited to be playing this year’s Edinburgh Fringe?
MF: I always get excited about the Festival. I don’t think anything can match it.

SF: How many times have you played the Fringe now?
MF: This will be my 5th time, once as part of the Big Value show in 2004. This is my 4th solo show.

SF:Your solo show is called ‘Mick Ferry Has Been Found Wanting’, where does this name come from and what does it mean?
MF: Has been found wanting, basically means that you have failed to live up to expectations. I am inadequate. I’ve no idea where the phrase originates from.

SF: Tell me a bit of what the audience can expect from your show this year?
MF: Hopefully laughs and a good time. I’m not going to tell you any gags from the show yet, that would be silly.

SF: Will you be involved in any other shows during the festival?
MF: Yeah, hopefully!  Late and Live, and all the other normal stand up shows, are great fun to do during the run because it’s a release from your hour show.

SF: It’s not just about the festival though right, what else will you get up to during your month in Edinburgh?
MF: It’s all about the Festival! When I’m not doing my show, I’ll be watching other shows. A lot of theatre productions and a lot of odd ball off the wall shows that you can only find at Edinburgh Festival.

SF: What other acts do you recommend during this year’s festival?
MF: Ian Cognito is doing the Free Fringe. I’d urge anybody that is into stand up to go and see him. Also a newish comic called Phil Ellis, I’ve seen a preview of his show. It’s very funny and quite different.

SF: What are your plans for the lead up to the festival?
MF: Previews, and practising my drinking until 5am.

SF: Where can we find out more about Mick Ferry?
MF: At mickferry.co.uk or I’m on Twitter, MickFerry or on Facebook MickMFerry.

‘Mick Ferry: Has Been Found Wanting’  is on at 18:15 – Balcony, Gilded Balloon @ Teviot, 31 Jul – 25 Aug  (Not 12th).


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