Andrew Lawrence: There is No Escape, Edinburgh Fringe 2013

3 Aug

Words by Susan Ford

Punchline‘s first ever headliner Andrew Lawrence is back at the festival with a bang.andrewlawrence

There is no Escape, Andrew Lawrence has locked the doors: welcome to his hilariously miserable life. It seems like a bit of a reviewers’ cliché to begin by mentioning the appearance of a comedian, but with his long hair and casual clothes, already its clear from the offset that we are in for a different Andrew Lawrence experience than expected.

You may have seen Andrew Lawrence on TV in a sharp suit and clean hair cut, or more notably you will have seen him as Punchline’s first ever headliner. Perhaps its his cardigan talking tonight, but this year’s show portrays a very relaxed and interactive comedian, that is a surprising diversion from Andrew’s usual routine. His show is an account of one personal misery after another, a beautiful string of insights into his inadequate life that make for a very funny show.

Andrew Lawrence has a unique way of telling a story; by using a slightly different tone he can play the part of two conversations, both as grumpy and pessimistic as the other. Many comedians talk about how terrible their lives are, but it takes a real professional to make a comedy show out of it: Andrew Lawrence is a genuinely brilliant and funny comedian, and his depressing thoughts are just a juxtaposition to the hilarity within.

Catch Andrew Lawrence every night at Pleasance One, 20.50.

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