Edinburgh Fringe Review: Mick Ferry Has Been Found Wanting

Words By Susan FordMick Ferry

Mick Ferry doesn’t have a sparkly costume, dancing penguins, or any stage props at all for that matter; Mick Ferry has his eulogy. So on such a depressing note as a funeral, what exactly makes his show good? The simple reason is, Mick Ferry is a lovely and very funny man.

Mick Ferry’s comedy is hilariously catchy and very easy to relate too. Is my Mum embarrassing? Yes she is! Do I judge people based on their shoes? Yes I do! Do I hate my kids? Ok so I don’t have children, but 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. In fact, Mick has written a eulogy in the first place because of that one night that his children pointed out all of his inadequacies as a father.

Comedy comes very natural to Mick, he’s like my uncle who carries joke teeth in his pocket just in case. He’s also a very honest man and you can tell that when he cracks a gag about embarrassing his children, the prank is based on a real life situation. Perhaps his kid’s don’t see it, but his failings as a father make for a really good Edinburgh Fringe show.

There is nothing massively original, surreal or imaginative about Mick Ferry’s set, just good simple observational comedy from a man in his early 40s who’s main goal now is to embarrass his children. It doesn’t matter what age you are, you will find a lot in this show to relate too, and can enjoy the jokes all the more for it.

Catch Mick Ferry at the Guilded Balloon at 18.15 https://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/comedy/mick-ferry-has-been-found-wanting


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