Edinburgh Fringe Review: Sean Hughes ‘Penguins’

Words by Susan Fordsean-hughes-penguins_32598_thumb

There is absolutely no need to start here with an introduction about who Sean Hughes is and a list of his achievements: Sean Hughes is well known in comedy for all the right reasons. As a team captain on Nevermind the Buzzcocks, for me, Sean Hughes was my first experience of comedy and I’m genuinely quite giddy to be at his show this year – and too rightly so, its a cracking set.

I don’t ever want to use reviewer’s clichés – the show conjured up belly laughs, it was side-splitting, or it was laugh-out-loud funny – but all of them are called for here, even just to make a dent on my adulation for Sean’s performance. At 47, he is still at the top of his game, and puts everything in to his show that he did all those years ago.

I can’t tell you about the stage props used, Sean’s appearance, or even his reference to Penguins, as it would give too much away and ruin the experience for you. What I will tell you however is about how cleverly written the whole production is. There are recurring themes, tight jokes, truthful anecdotes, and a fast-paced delivery that Sean doesn’t once dip out of. There is no 40 minute lull, just complete brilliance from start to finish.

Sean finishes his set on the same tag line that he begins it with, leaving everyone in the audience feeling slightly emotional at the experience. His message is uplifting, but his humour is still very dark. ‘Penguins’ is definitely one of the Fringe’s highlights this year, catch Sean Hughe’s every night at the Guilded Balloon at 19.30 https://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/comedy/sean-hughes-penguins


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