Edinburgh Fringe Review: Bob and Jim ‘Two Stars’

Words by Susan Fordbobandjim

If Punchline gave out stars, we would give Bob and Jim a lot more than two for their show ‘Two Stars’.  This year is a follow up to last year’s show ‘Go!’ and sets them apart again, as one of the best acts on the Fringe. The pair are just brilliant, a bundle of wit and Cockney charm, wrapped together in silly string and music. 

Bob and Jim sound like they could just be two ordinary guys, but they aren’t: Bob and Jim are an all-singing, all-dancing and all-laughing pair, who want to share their life stories with you tonight.  ‘Two Stars’ is a series of flash backs from their show bizz lives (perhaps borrowed from one or two films?), tales of a rougher time and the road to stardom.  It’s all in the delivery though, and the performance created by Bob and Jim is what marks them as so incredibly funny.

Jim  plays his ukelele whilst Bob dances, and they both sing lyrics that will make you laugh like nothing else from start to finish. They interact with the audience, in a friendly way, and make you feel like part of their act. The accents are funny in themselves, but its what they say, rather than how they say it, that will draw you right in.

Bob and Jim are perfecters of double-meaning; on one level their skits are silly and sweet, innocent enough for a child to laugh, but on the other hand, are absolute filth and take a clever mind to understand.  Maybe even a couple hours after the show, some of the punchlines will sink in, and you’ll be wondering, “did Bob really just say that”? The songs are great, the content is hilariously intriguing and the performance outstanding; this is really a show you don’t want to miss out on this year.

Catch Bob and Jim every night at 20.20 at the Underbelly Daisy https://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/comedy/bob-and-jim-two-stars


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