Edinburgh Fringe Review: David Morgan ‘Pretty’

Words by Susan Forddavidmorgan

David Morgan is Pretty, there is absolutely no denying it. For David however, it’s taken a lot to believe it himself, and find the confidence to talk about it in front of a sell out crowd. On these grounds however, David Morgan is not vain or full of himself, instead, he is a charming and likeable character. David is genuinely humble that we’ve all come to his show tonight, and he puts on a performance that makes everyone feel as pretty as he does.

When you find out that David Morgan WILL talk to you during his show, the most common response would be fear – not everyone enjoys a bit of chat with the performer.  However, at David’s show you will hope that he picks you, you want to get involved, share stories, and be fabulous alongside him.  He is not short of volunteers to contribute tales, and this interactive approach makes the show even more wonderful.

David Morgan talks of love, relationships and people who have shunted his ideals of ‘pretty’ in the past.  Although a lot of the content would be considered quite serious, David has a light hearted approach to his delivery, and is not shy of cracking jokes to bring the tone back up to a comedy level. His ideas of ‘pretty’ are original, and the photo displays to go with them add something very special to his anecdotes.

David Morgan’s ‘Pretty’ is a relaxed hour of entertainment: it won’t make you challenge your own ideas of how you look too much, but instead will lift your spirit and make you chuckle along the way.  Everything works out ok in the end for David, and due to his heart-warming personality, he will make you realise that everything works out in the end for everybody.

Catch David Morgan every night at Underbelly Daisy at 19.00 https://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/comedy/david-morgan-pretty


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