Edinburgh Fringe Review: Bob Graham ‘Animal Person’

11 Aug

Words by Susan Fordbobgraham

Bob Graham is a Scottish comedian who has been performing in Edinburgh long before any of these tourists arrived, and he is certainly one of the best on the local scene. Although he’s managed to advertise his show for the wrong time on the Fringe website, he still manages to pull off an excellent set. As one of the many free acts on at the Scottish Comedy Festival, Bob Graham’s line of jokes are dead pan, sinister, miserable, and absolutely brilliant.

For many comedians, picking their show titles back in March means that they have no idea how to tie in their content to its name when August comes around. This is not the case for Bob, who has spent five years in training at the Bird Acting School to perfect his impressions for this year’s Fringe. His evil tales of what he’d do to animals (if the protesters let him near them) are outrageously funny, but of course, no animals were ACTUALLY harmed during the making of this show, the only damage took place in the warped mind of Bob Graham.

Bob Graham grew up on a farm, in Falkirk, in the middle of nowhere: it is no surprise that Bob’s ability to document misery comes somewhat natural to him. However, if you are a chirpy person (and there a few in this afternoon) expect some whimsy and silliness in amongst the pessimism, and enjoy the elephant/pigeon impressions that prevail.

The Free Fringe allows you to take a chance on something you wouldn’t normally, and Bob Graham’s performance is certainly one of the better for you to dip your toes in too. We have compiled a list of excellent free shows for you to experiment with (www.punchlineuk.wordpress.com/2013/07/24/free-fringe-recommendations), but don’t just take my word for it, come and spend some time with the lovely, and very funny Bob Graham.

Bob Graham’s show is on in the afternoon at The Beehive Inn, and although it has been listed as 14.25, it does start at 14.45, be sure not to miss out www.scottishcomedyfestival.com/bob


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