Edinburgh Fringe Review: David Burke ‘The Exciting Adventures of an Uninteresting Man’

11 Aug

david burkeWords by Susan Ford

The title of David Burke’s show this year ‘the Exciting Adventures of an Uninteresting Man’ is a misrepresentation of its content, because David is a really awesome person. He’s been travelling around the world, he’s fallen for a girl, and he’s stayed in a 50-bed dorm in a hostel (you weren’t there man!) in amongst many other cool things. David Burke also has a natural gift for storytelling, meaning that an hour in his company is far from uninteresting.

David Burke likes to knit, he cries at films and he has a cup of tea on stage with him instead of a beer: David Burke is genuinely a lovely and likeable person and there is a feeling of new companionship when you attend his show. He is also enormously funny, pulling you through his anecdotes perfectly, right through to the punchline at the end.

David’s tales are of travel, the places he’s been and the people he has met along the way. It’s a very interactive show, as he wants to share his stories with everyone else rather than just tell them. David’s show will inevitably be very busy every day, so there will always be plenty of intriguing contributions to keep you entertained. The spontaneity of audience participation allows David to show off his improvisation skills as well; his quick-witted chat will keep you laughing non-stop throughout the whole performance.

David Burke’s show is an uplifting one, of course he gets the girl in the end and of course he wins over every member of the audience. David Burke’s show is part of the Free Fringe: I always say take a chance on the Free Fringe, but there is no risk involved here, it’s a guaranteed cracker of a show.

Catch David Burke at the Counting House at 17.30 every evening https://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/comedy/exciting-adventure-of-an-uninteresting-man


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