Edinburgh Fringe Review: Pete Firman ‘Scoundrel’

15 Aug

Words by Susan Fordpetefirman

Pete Firman’s propaganda this year has “the new poster-boy for British comedy magic” scribbled over it, but as a firm Fringe favourite, he is far from being the ‘new boy’. His show is called ‘Scoundrel’, which is certainly the most appropriate way to describe Pete Firman: he is cheeky, chirpy and full of mischief. Pete Firman is definitely a loveable comedian, with harmless humour that won’t offend anybody.

If you didn’t know already, Pete Firman is a magician as well as a comedian, and he’s very good at both! He has innocence about him as a magician, like for example, when a trick goes slightly wrong it’s just another excuse for a mischievous joke. But then the naughty smile on Pete’s face suggests that any mistakes are merely part of his show, and of course they are; every trick he performs and silly anecdote he tells is clearly mapped out and very cleverly written.

Pete Firman is a very good magician, and even if you say that you don’t like magic, you will certainly be drawn in to the stunts performed. The size of his venue at the Pleasance is a reflection on his popularity, but does somewhat hinder your ability to see the intricate details of the magic, especially if you are sitting behind the tallest man in Edinburgh like I was! This aside, his tricks are unique and good fun to be part of.

As well as an awesome magician, Pete Firman is also a very good comedian, filling all those awkward gaps left by setting up his tricks, with quick and original jokes. Admittedly the humour wouldn’t work well without the magic, but that is exactly where the beauty lies with Pete Firman: he has smashed magic and comedy together so you can’t even tell the difference. Pete uses gags to fool the audience into thinking he is an idiot, to set them up to believe his magic is a hoax, and then boom, he thrusts his comedy/magic cocktail right in your face.

Don’t miss Pete Firman’s show at the Pleasance Courtyard right up until 25th August www.edfringe.com/whats-on/comedy/pete-firman-scoundrel


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