Edinburgh Fringe Review: Josh Widdicombe ‘Incidentally’

17 Aug

Words by Susan FordBB_NeverHeard2013_127x92_final

Josh Widdicome’s name is not an unfamiliar one here in the Punchline camp; as a big feature on the second Punchline lineup last year, it is safe to say that Josh is one of our favourite comedians. His show this year is entitled ‘Incidentally’, a suitably apt title to sum up its content. Widdicombe’s show is a run down of all the insignificant objects in his life that make him who he is. This perhaps doesn’t sound like an interesting set up, but believe me when I say, Josh’s performance is Incidentally one of the best on the Fringe.

Josh is a proper story teller, a perfectionist in tale-twisting, who makes every word an important part of the set. It takes a smart comedian to weave funny anecdotes out of satire or intellectual affairs, but an even smarter man to dissect a pack of Lovehearts for the same effect.  Josh Widdicombe is quite possibly the only comic who could find huge belly laughs from a vintage landline, and draw it out hilariously for over ten minutes.

Aside from the Lovehearts and the telephone, Josh’s jokes come from mundane objects living on his coffee table that his Dad pointed out to him, represent his whole life. During his set you find out a lot about Josh, things beyond comedy that will make you like him even more than you already do.  Josh’s humour is often described as observational, and it certainly is, but it is the way that he knits his observations into jokes that makes him so original and in demand this year.

Josh’s widespread popularity is becoming more evident everyday; you will see him on TV alongside Adam hills in ‘The Last Leg’, and also on many panel shows including ‘8 out of 10 Cats’ and ‘Mock the Week’. He is at his best as a stand up comedian however, and proves this tonight in a sold out George Square Theatre. Josh’s unique style of stand up is definitely appreciated by his audience, so take the opportunity now to see him live.


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