Edinburgh Fringe Review: Seann Walsh ‘The Lie-In King’

Words by Susan FordSeannWalsh

“Punchline headliner Seann Walsh is the Lie-in king at this year’s Fringe”

Seann Walsh will be the next Punchline headliner in October, so we highly recommend you check out him out, obviously! His show this year at the festival has already been a massive success, with most nights selling out in advance, and for every good reason. Walsh is the modern day observational comedian, combining stories of being in your late twenties with other anecdotes everyone else can relate too also.

Seann has recently bought a flat on his own, and the majority of his performance is made up of jokes around this, as he ultimately plans to sort his life out. If you saw Seann last year, you’ll recognise this recurring theme, implying that in the past year, Seann has still not managed the massive goal. And luckily for us he hasn’t, because it is tales of hangovers, ordering pizza and heading to the pub for ‘just the one jaeger bomb’ that leave every one in stitches.

With his trademark long blonde hair, and this year’s impressive beard, his anecdotes of laziness are an easy topic. He lives up to his own character well throughout the production and his animated way of telling a story adds to the dramatic value of his comedy. Seann is an excellent script writer, and his sets continuously flow well and are timed to perfection, meaning that when he does lose focus slightly, he gets to show off how naturally funny he is through a bit of improvisation.

Seann may not take on the biggest challenges that the world currently faces in his show this year, but he does deliver with enthusiam, all the comedic traits that have made him so popular. With two TV series on the go, and a live stand up DVD on the way, Seann is certainly on his way to becoming the UKs biggest stadium comedian. If you are gutted you missed Seann at the festival, please get your tickets in early for Punchline to see him shine as our headline act. Book tickets


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