Edinburgh Fringe Review: Globophobia

18 Aug

Words by Susan Fordglobophobia

Globohphobia is a play by Dave Fargnoli and Lindsay Miller, brought to the Edinburgh Fringe by Urban Fox Theatre Company.  It may seem odd for Punchline to be recommending it, as Globophobia does not lie in the comedy genre, but it really is an excellent production.  There are certainly elements of dark humour running throughout, but the themes themselves are very serious, themes of fear and unsettling angst. Set in a 20-seater venue, the play is very intimate, and sitting within the audience means that you are subsequently involved directly in the emotion of the play.

Globophobia is the fear of balloons, a light-hearted beginning to a string of fears and phobias that the characters in the play bring to life. Some of the fears are obvious ones, like Caroline’s fear of being sick or Cameron’s fear of his loved one dying, but the majority of the phobias depicted are less obvious.  It is these fears that are the most unnerving, cutting close to the bone at points and making you think deeply about your own inner qualms. In most hit Fringe shows, relating to the content is a good thing, but relating to the subjects in Globophobia is pleasantly unsettling.

The reason such emotions are stirred in every audience member, is credited to the way the actors conjure up personality traits and doubts in their characters.  From the beginning scene were Flick narrates a tale of someone who was globophobic, right through to the end, where a cold Fliss is alone in a train station, scared of what might happen next, you can feel the pressure of fear shine through in a fete of great acting.

Globophobia is a play that you need to get involved in.  The themes and phobias are not just plainly on the surface, but instances that will leave you contemplating the nature of human fear as a lasting impact long after you leave the show.  Globophobia is well-performed, beautifully written, and is a very enjoyable production from start to finish.  From the 8 nights that the play has left to run at this year’s Fringe, 4 have sold out already so do be quick to get your tickets now here.


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