Edinburgh Fringe Review: Ian Smith ‘Anything’

19 Aug

Words by Susan FordIansmith250

Ian Smith’s show this year is entitled ‘Anything’ and is staged in a venue called ‘That’, his performance however, is not half as vague as it may sound! Ian barely mentions that series Poppatron that he was in, but he instead talks about all the other aspects in his life that have helped shape the person he is now. He certainly puts on an excellent performance, timed beautifully to keep you laughing from start to finish.

Ian’s set is full of friendly anecdotes that he twists in to hilarious tales: his story of spilt skittles doesn’t sound like it should be a highlight, but its all in the way he tells it that makes it work so well. His stories of school, childhood games and friendships are teamed up brilliantly with some visual aids and photographs, which add to the drama of laughter created by Smith.

Last year, Ian performed as part of a two man show in the Free Fringe, but this year sees him bravely step up to showcase a full hour worth of material. It’s a great thing he did as well, because he never dips in quality of gags and keeps the audience on their toes the whole way through. He proves himself as a clever writer as well as performer, guaranteeing himself a very bright future in comedy.

Catch Ian Smith every day at Pleasance That 17.45, tickets still available here

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