Edinburgh Fringe Review: The Pin


Words by Hannah Clapham-Clark

The Pin are a sketch double act comprising of Ben Ashenden, a bespectacled live-wire erring on the side of simple and Alexander Owen, the constantly frustrated straight man who believes he is destined for greater things.

These are, of course, just personas (we hope!) who link the show’s sketches together in brief and increasingly bizarre interludes, whilst dangling the hope of a high-brow, unpublished play, “The Vicar’s Secret”, which is set to finish the show. Sadly, things don’t go according to plan though as we instead become witnesses to a fairly traumatic relationship breakdown.

In the midst of all this compelling awkwardness we’re introduced to a multitude of weird and interesting charatcers; From a pathetically distraught Ed Milliband being coached through a meeting with Barack Obama to a painful display of Frank Lampard’s struggling to film a Gillette advert, as well as a highly incompetent secret agent and an enlightening slide show consisting of Ben’s very unique App ideas.

The old cliché of sketch shows being “hit and miss” is completely forgotten when watching The Pin. With a strong structure and a reassuring confidence, it’s a struggle to find a dull moment. They prove their worth as a polished and exciting act whose future is beyond promising. Original ideas and a developed, authentic stage presence asserts their place as a source of much needed reinvigoration within sketch comedy. There is something slightly unhinged, peculiar and fascinating about the duo’s chemistry which result in a finely tuned, successful hour.

Catch The Pin at The Pleasance Courtyard, 6.15pm until 26 August.

Click here for more information and tickets and here for our interview with them before the Fringe.


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