Punchline Recommends: Nick Helm!

Words by Susan Fordnickhelm

One Man Mega Myth!

Nick Helm headlined the second Punchline show, and performed quite possibly the most raucous night we’ve seen yet. Helm is big in personality and as equally big in volume, so be prepared for a proper riotous show and hilarious good time as Nick Helm presents his Edinburgh Fringe show ‘One Man Mega Myth’

In 2011, Helm won Dave’s Funniest Joke Award, and has just been announced as a contender this year for the Edinburgh Comedy Award: we recommend you catch him now before he hits stadium level. Helm gives his utmost everything to ensure his show is a loud, energetic and fun one, but most of all, to ensure the audience is always on the edge of their seats anticipating what will happen next.

“Do you like jokes?” screams Helm multiple times into the front row; and then the show has started, a long line of gags and manic scenarios. Helm sings (with the aid of a band made up of audience members), recites poetry, and tells emotional anecdotes in amongst his jokes, creating a variety show second to none. He delivers it all with his trademark anger and revealing costumes, meaning the production is as visually wonderful as it is funny.

Russell Howard quoted Helm as “the funniest break down I’ve ever seen”, and at a first glance that’s exactly what is happening! At a second glance however, it’s clear to see Helm has scripted his set absolutely magnificently to represent a style of angry and dangerous comedy unique only to himself. One Man Mega Myth is one of the most exciting shows on this year’s Fringe, full of props and extreme showmanship, but above all, is utterly hilarious from start to finish.

Nick Helm is on every day in Pleasance at 4pm, with tickets still available.


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