Edinburgh Fringe Interview: Lloyd Langford

Words by Susan Fordlloydlangford

Lloyd Langford’s show ‘Galoot’ is a glorious 60 minutes of comedy (see my full review here). I was lucky enough to catch up with Lloyd before the festival finishes, to discuss his 2013 Fringe show.

SF: Hello Lloyd Langford, how is the festival going?
LL: I’m really enjoying it, I’m living on my own for the first time which is nice, and I’m enjoying the show, I really like my show. I’m only about a five minute walk to the venue, so I’m happy. I bumped in to another comedian today who told me it was all going to end too soon, I couldn’t believe that, I said don’t tell anyone that because no one else is thinking it!

SF: Cool, how are the shows going?
LL: like I say, I’m really enjoying doing the show, I’ve had a couple of nights off which I think helps to just break the festival up a bit and get to see some other shows that have been on the same time. I’ve been doing a lot of extra shows as well, like Late ‘n’ Live and Best of the Fest, Comedy Countdown, just to mix it up a bit.

SF: Your show is called ‘Galoot’, whats it all about?
LL: It’s kind of about trying to be more of an idiot, in sort of every day life.

SF: And where do you get your ideas from for the show?
LL: Well it’s a mix of things; there are anecdotal things, stuff that’s happened to me. And then there are observations, and a bunch of ideas from the previews from the past three months moulded in to a show.

SF: As you said, the festival is nearing the end, what has been your highlight?
LL: Oh that’s a good question. I really enjoyed Bridget Christie’s show, it’s on very early at 11am and took a while for my body clock to adjust, but in terms of standup I think its the best 60 minutes I’ve seen.

SF: What has been the highlight of your own show?
LL: I think it’s just nice to do a show and get positive feedback. I did a show yesterday and when I was leaving the venue someone came up to me and thanked me for putting the show on, it’s really nice when your caught off-guard almost and when someone comes up and gives you a compliment.

SF: Other than Bridget Christie, is there anyone else you’ve seen who you would recommend?
LL: Yes I’ve seen loads of cool stuff. I really liked Nadia Kamil, and Alex Horne’s show. I also really liked Nick Helm and Bobby Mair. I usually mainly see comedy but I have see a couple of plays which I enjoyed.

SF: This is obviously not your first year at the Fringe, what has been different this time around?
LL: This is my 5th solo show and my 11th year coming to Edinburgh in August, I really know my way about now! The main difference is the weather! Less rain, bit better. I think there has been a lot more public interest this year in female comics, which can only be a good thing. There are a lot of excellent shows put on by female performers and journalism about females in comedy has really improved. You think it wouldn’t be an issue in 2013 but I think the variety of comedians getting championed by the press is really cool.

SF: What is next after the festival finishes?
LL: I’m doing a sketch show in the Autumn for Radio Wales, I can’t wait for that. And I’ll be gigging more, it’ll be pretty busy.

There are only 4 days left to catch ‘Galoot’ by Lloyd Langford, get your tickets in early!


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