Edinburgh Fringe Recommendation: Charlie Baker ‘Baker’s Dozen’

22 Aug

BB_NeverHeard2013_127x92_finalWords by Susan Ford

Charlie Baker was the compere at the last Punchline show back in March, but his Fringe show this year is something completely different to what he brought to the stage as a compere. His show ‘Baker’s Dozen’ has a very clear theme to it: Charlie Baker performs the top 13 selling songs from the past 13 years, and he performs them very well!

Baker is a showman; who could forget his winning performance on ‘Let’s Dance For Comic Relief’? He is also a fantastic singer, creating drama and soul like you never thought he was capable of. He mixes this musical talent in with his new standup material, making the production an all round wonderful experience. Baker is joined on stage by a few guests who makeup the band, including the very talented Kirsty Newman on keyboard and backing vocals.

Charlie’s upbeat personality is applied to his standup routine as much as it is to his musical performances, meaning his charm and silliness really shine through. With only four days of festival remaining, I strongly suggest Charlie Baker’s Bakers Dozen is a show you squeeze in before it all finishes.

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