Edinburgh Fringe Recommendation: Paul McCaffrey ‘Name in Lights’

Words by Susan Fordpaulmccaffrey

Paul McCaffrey finally has proven everyone wrong by convincingly setting his name in lights for the Edinburgh Festival. Teachers said it would never happen, but thanks to technology, there it is “PAUL MCCAFFREY” burning its way in to our retinas from the stage. Bar the very obvious prop, Paul McCaffrey confirms every reason why his name deserves to be up there, by putting on a really excellent and funny show.

Paul McCaffrey makes up one quarter of hit BBC show ‘Impractical Jokers’, a role that suits him to the very tee due to his cheeky and mischievous personality. Paul isn’t afraid to mock audience members (who tonight are totally up for it) in order to rouse humour, but in a silly harmless way; if you aren’t for a chat with Paul he wont force it on you.

Throughout his show, McCaffrey goes over all details of why people doubted he would ever get his name in lights, complete with hilarious anecdotes that come very natural to him. He also draws great humour from his appearance and how it makes onlookers judge him; as a professional I shouldn’t applaud this but his self analogies make for some very funny material.

There are only two days left to catch Paul McCaffrey at the Pleasance, so I recommend you get your tickets in now so you don’t miss out on seeing this massively talented comedian.


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