Edinburgh Fringe Recommendation: Joe Lycett

Words by Susan Fordjoelycett

Joe Lycett is a very natural and insanely funny comedian, with the ability to roll out jokes with immaculate timing. His show this year is called ‘If Joe Lycett Then You Should Have Put A Ring On It’, and the pop based puns don’t end there! Lycett, aka the Walrus, ensures that laughter never ceases throughout his show with his quirky comedic style.

Lycett’s set has got a little bit of everything too it, including a hilarious game show alongside his standup material. He is quick with the audience, writing a joke out of every heckle/contribution like it was always part of his script. He is charming and offensive all at the same time, adding mischievous punchlines to every comedy tale he embarks on.

Lycett has many TV and radio appearances to his name, and this natural flair for performing shines throw in his show. There are still 2 days to catch Joe Lycett, tickets still available.


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