Some Weird but Wonderful Edinburgh Fringe Shows

24 Aug

Words by Susan Ford

One thing I’ve learned about myself during this year’s Fringe, is that I like comedy that is completely crazy and surreal. If you’ve read my Paul Currie or Casual Violence reviews, you might have guessed this already. I felt compelled to write an article about some of my favourite weird and wonderful comedians, on the basis that I really liked them. However, I will point out that these shows are not for everyone, and may take a particular comedic taste to enjoy.

John Kearns

John Kearns

It would be wrong not to start by mentioning Edinburgh Comedy Awards Newcomer winner John Kearns . His show is an hour of lunacy: with John dressed in a wig and false teeth and making his way on to the stage in a pantomime horse costume, already he’s got just enough crazy for me to know I’m going to like him. Kearns silliness and eclectic choice of words is juxtaposed by his skilled ability to tie everything together so comically well. Admittedly a lot of his routine goes over my head, but he is a natural performer and great fun to watch.

Paul Foot is another comedian who is unafraid to express comedy in his own special way. Foot splits his show in to different sections, explaining briefly what he will do in each. He admits that the middle section will be him shouting out random words that make no sense at all when put together, and for no reason, are absolutely hilarious. And he isn’t wrong, it’s weird whimsy at its funniest; think Noel Fielding meets Tim Key.

The Grandees

The Grandees

The Wrong Side of the Door is a trio of plays performed by the Grandees. With themes of conker ferreting, lizard manipulation and hairy dance contests (I warned you it was weird) the performers take you on a journey that is far beyond bizarre. The set is really creepy, but I love it: it is performed extremely well and is brilliantly funny.

Tony Law’s show is called ‘Nonsense Overdrive‘, and I could not summarise the content better myself. I’m going to be bold here and say that Tony Law is the Father of weird and wonderful comedy, he has been doing it for such a long time that he has really perfected the art. Tony claims to have invented stretching, when he went to live in the olden days for a while, and goes in to great details how this came about. He also has a lot of jokes in between his madness, but you have to be really drawn in to the performance to understand them or even find them funny. His finale is one of my strangest Fringe experiences, but his brave decision to be the comedian he wants to be today, definitely makes him one of my favourites this year.

Tony Law

Tony Law

If you have been to a show, and thought it was absolutely hilarious but it was just too weird for you to figure out why, please do tell us about it @punchlineuk


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