Edinburgh Fringe Highlights: James Acaster ‘Lawnmower’

25 Aug

jamesacasterWords by Susan Ford

Twice ‘Edinburgh Comedy Award’ runner up James Acaster has quickly become one of my favourite comedians at the Fringe this year. Acaster glides his way through a well written set, never wavering from his usual sombre style (except once when he repeats a line twice due to giddiness from performing on the same day the nominations were announced!). His material is so fresh and original, that it fully justifies his nomination in the Awards.

Themes covered in ‘Lawnmower’ include the split of the Beatles, sinking ships, sky-writing and adventurous ice cream business plans: they don’t seem like the grounds for comedy but it’s all in the unique stories Acaster moulds out of them that are so funny. He takes on ideas at a different angle to the rest of the world,  spinning hilarious punchlines out of everything he tackles.

Acaster is dressed in his trademark neutral clothing, a sober approach to fashion for a man of only 28! When he explains why he buys his clothes at Marks and Spencers however, he allows a bit of silliness and whimsy to escape, proving that as a comic he can provide all the right quips to keep the audience on their toes with laughter.

James Acaster’s Edinburgh Festival run finishes tonight, but that sold out ages ago!  You can, however, keep up to date with gig and tour news here.


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