Ian Smith: An Edinburgh 2014 Fringe Interview

ian-smith-flappable_2014IANSMIT_PKWords by Susan Ford

Ian Smith celebrated 2013 with his first hour long solo show at the Fringe. This year he is back, in a bigger venue, with an even bigger show entitled ‘Flappable’. I’ve seen the preview, and Ian’s show is already looking to be a big hit. As the festival kicks off this week, I caught up with Ian Smith to discuss ‘Flappable’.

Hello Ian Smith how are you?
I’m good thanks. I’m writing this past midnight after having just washed some dishes. I’m feeling pretty pumped. Already, on the first question, Word is trying to correct my punctuation.

Are you looking forward to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival?
Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it. It’s nerve-racking too though, but I’m excited to be in Edinburgh. I love the city so much and I’m looking forward to performing my show. I’m slightly concerned I’ll lose my voice before the run is finished though!

How will people recognise your name?
Hopefully people won’t think I’m the deceased, former Rhodesian prime minister, Ian Smith. I wouldn’t mind if they thought I was the actor who played Harold Bishop in Neighbours, Ian Smith. I feel that would bring people in.

I was at your preview last night in Darlington, which was fantastic, how are the other previews going?
Thank you! They’ve been going better and better, which is good. It would be awful if it were just getting progressively shitter. Last night was my last London preview and it was a lot of fun!

Do you plan to change the show much in the lead up to the festival?
I have a few props and things that I haven’t been able to use in the previews. Largely due to me forgetting to buy them. I’ll have a pestle and mortar, some popcorn, a beanbag and some dandelion teabags by Edinburgh I think (That makes the show sound much weirder than it is). But, I want it to be as good as it can be, so will keep working on it all the time!

What fringe venue are you in this year and how do you feel it will compare to last year?
I’m performing in the Pleasance Courtyard in a room called Beside. It’s a bigger room than last year! I’ve seen loads of comedians I really love in the Beside – Nick Helm, The Pin etc. So I want to put on a good show!

What are your favourite things about the Edinburgh Fringe?
I like climbing up Arthur’s Seat, the rocky roads in the SU shop, seeing my favourite comedians, gigging as much as I can, eating at Mother India… I could list a lot of things! The city is really is amazing, it’s a nice environment to be in.

What have been your previous highlights and what do you expect will be your new highlights from 2014?
Doing an hour when everything works how you want it to is really amazing, it’s a long time to be holding people’s attention and it’s really rewarding to know that people have enjoyed it. A musician who’s work I love, Jim Moray, came to see my show last year. I only found out when he tweeted me about it, and it made my day – so I think that’s up there. Who knows what this years highlights will be – I’d like to win the long-running pool tournament I have with friend and comedian, Matthew Highton. He needs taking down a peg or two.

What other shows do you recommend we see this year?
I’m really excited about seeing Mr Swallow the Musical and Alex Horne’s show. My friend, and very funny comedian, Tom Toal is doing a show too!

Catch Ian Smith’s show ‘Flappable‘ at 6pm in Pleasance Courtyard.


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