Punchline recommends Harvey, Garvey and The Kane

Words by Suzy Romer Harvey, Garvey and Kane are a smart sketch group who allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. It’s always nice to see three chaps take to the stage in suits but these men can become anyone and anything with no costume changes and virtually no props. We areContinue reading “Punchline recommends Harvey, Garvey and The Kane”

Punchline recommends Ian D Montfort’s Midday Séance

Words by Suzy Romer Here’s some unusual advice for a comedy show: when you go to see Ian D Montfort, try to sit near the front. This comic creation is a walking, talking spectacle in himself, to the extent that it’s difficult to believe he’s not real. Every smirk, grimace, raised eyebrow and self-conscious flickContinue reading “Punchline recommends Ian D Montfort’s Midday Séance”

Punchline Recommends: Lucy Beaumont ‘We Can Twerk it Out’

Words by Suzy Romer Lucy Beaumont opens her show by kindly introducing us to her Hull accent, but you know what? She had us at “hullo”. Right from the start, we find ourselves in a conversational relationship where we are literally expected to say yes and no, and we thoroughly enjoy doing so. This isContinue reading “Punchline Recommends: Lucy Beaumont ‘We Can Twerk it Out’”

Punchline Recommends: Des Clarke ‘The Trouble with Being Des’

Words by Susan Ford Des Clarke is a very popular name in Scotland; he hosted the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony a couple of weeks ago, and he was also the compere at the last Punchline Gala in Perth and Edinburgh last October. Des Clarke is a fast-paced comedian from Glasgow, who is certainly one ofContinue reading “Punchline Recommends: Des Clarke ‘The Trouble with Being Des’”

Punchline Recommends: Casual Violence ‘The Great Fire of Nostril’

Words by Susan Ford Casual Violence follow up last year’s show ‘The House of Nostril’ with another dark comedy play ‘The Great Fire of Nostril’. With a sinister story line and a massive dose of madness in the plot, ‘The Great Fire of Nostril’ is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Admittedly, it may take aContinue reading “Punchline Recommends: Casual Violence ‘The Great Fire of Nostril’”

Punchline Recommends: Nish Kumar ‘Ruminations on the Nature of Subjectivity’

Words by Susan Ford Nish Kumar is back at the Fringe to perform his ninth show as the self-confessed “veteran underdog” of the Festival. ‘Ruminations on the Nature of Subjectivity’ is on in Pleasance Courtyard at 19.15, and is definitely worth a visit. In his show, Nish discusses what it is to have an opinion,Continue reading “Punchline Recommends: Nish Kumar ‘Ruminations on the Nature of Subjectivity’”

Punchline Recommends: ‘Aaaand Now for Something Completely Improvised’

Words by Susan Ford Racing Minds are back at the Edinburgh festival from their 2013 sell-out Fringe with new show ‘Aaaand Now for Something Completely Improvised’. Entering the venue, you are greeted by a butler with a tray of treats, and then a bumbling Grandfather starts the show. This forgetful old man can’t remember aContinue reading “Punchline Recommends: ‘Aaaand Now for Something Completely Improvised’”

Punchline Recommends: Tom Toal ‘In Prequel’

Words by Susan Ford Tom Toal performed at the Fringe last year as one quarter of the famous Comedy Reserve, but is back at the festival this year with a full hour to himself. And it’s the best thing TT could have done, as he has written a beautiful, heart-warming, and very funny show. ‘InContinue reading “Punchline Recommends: Tom Toal ‘In Prequel’”

Punchline Recommends: James Acaster ‘Recognise’

Words by Susan Ford Twice-nominated for the Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Award, James Acaster is back again this year with another magnificent show. James Acaster is so good at writing comedy, it’s easy to get wrapped up in his whimsical storylines as if it’s real life. In fact, his make-believe life is so intriguing, it wouldContinue reading “Punchline Recommends: James Acaster ‘Recognise’”

An Edinburgh Fringe 2014 Interview with Nish Kumar

Words by Susan Ford The festival is still going strong, and I’ve had the delightful opportunity to speak to some of my favourite comedians for Punchline. Today I’m with Nish Kumar, the “veteran underdog” of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Hello Nish Kumar how are you? Pretty good thanks friend – how are you? (Bit coldContinue reading “An Edinburgh Fringe 2014 Interview with Nish Kumar”