Punchline Recommends: Danny Bhoy

1 Aug

Words by Susan Ford

Danny Bhoy

Danny Bhoy

Danny Bhoy is no stranger to the Edinburgh Fringe, and he’s doing it all for charity this year. ’12 Nights, 12 Charities’ will see all proceeds go to local charities for disadvantaged children and young adults (for a full list of charities go to www.dannybhoy.com).

It’s a fantastic sentiment, but charity is not the main reason I recommend Danny Bhoy. We recommend Danny because he is a fantastic comedian who has perfected the art of humour to a tea. Danny sets up every anecdote so well, that quite often he doesn’t need to write a Punchline, the audience are already there. His observations are unique and the stories that go with them, absolutely brilliant.

Danny Bhoy will only be performing 12 shows this year, so I strongly suggest getting down early. You may have had a glimpse of him on various comedy TV shows, but you’ve seen nothing until you’ve seen a full hour show by him. Danny Bhoy is original stand up comedy at its best.

Catch Danny Bhoy 31st Jul-11Aug at The Assembly Rooms on George Street at 19.55.


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