Punchline Recommends: Clever Peter

Words by Susan Ford

Clever Peter
Clever Peter

Clever Peter have got their work cut out for them this festival, performing two shows a day with very little time in between! Clever Peter’s main show ‘The Dream Factory’ is at Pleasance Courtyard, but they are also taking part in the Free Fringe at City Cafe with ‘Free For All!’

Clever Peter are a trio of actors, who make up an award-winning sketch comedy act. They deliver sketches at a speed similar to the way Tim Vine reels off jokes – very very quickly! You barely have time to finish chuckling at one visually brilliant joke before the next one starts, meaning you’ll be laughing continuously from beginning to end at both shows.

The sketches from Clever Peter are outrageous, silly, quirky, but quintessentially, very clever. The shows flow very well; even as the actors manically jump around the stage you can tell they are already setting up the next sketch, thus creating perfectly-timed gags.

If you do intend on saving money by going to the free show, please be wary that despite taking place in one of the bigger free fringe venues, the Clever Peter show fills up fast. The best advice would be to get down as early as possible to get a seat.

Catch Clever Peter’s ‘Free For All!’ at the City Cafe at 16.15 and ‘The Dreams Factory‘ at Pleasance Courtyard shortly after at 17.45


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