Punchline Recommends: Ian Smith ‘Flappable’

Words by Susan Ford

Ian Smith
Ian Smith

Ian Smith made his debut solo show last year, but 2014 sees him perform in a bigger venue with his even bigger show ‘Flappable’.

The theme of the show is uncertainty, a topic which Ian explores admirably and thoroughly. If you were ever unsure about what direction to turn in life, or what path to choose next, attending Ian’s show will almost certainly make no difference to your decisions! He will however clear up those niggling issues of life in the most hilarious way possible.

Ian Smith is a an observational comedian, but such chuckle-worthy observations don’t just fall on Ian by chance; the way he twists and turns obscure situations in his life, into very funny anecdotes, is exactly what makes his performance so good.

Catch Ian Smith’s ‘Flappable‘ at Pleasance Below at 18.00 throughout the Edinburgh Festival.


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