Punchline Recommends: Lucy Porter ‘Me Time’

5 Aug

Words by Susan Ford

Lucy Porter

Lucy Porter

Lucy Porter is no stranger to the Edinburgh Fringe, and is back this year with her 10th solo show. Her 2014 performance is suitably entitled ‘Me Time’, in that it is a full hour of stand up about her own life. Spend an hour in Lucy’s company as she vents, chats and entertains in the Stand for 10 nights only.

Punchline recommends Lucy Porter because she is an honest, genuine and very funny person. Going to her show feels like taking part in a chat show; even though it’s a one-person stand up show, once Lucy has shared her gossip, you’ll want to chip in and add your own. Lucy Porter’s trademark style is reassuring, and you know you’ll be in for a good hour of comedy when you go to her show.

Don’t however pressure from my words that Lucy is a cutesy or mild comedian; Lucy Porter owns the stage and will twist and turn her stories when the mood requires. She’s certainly not shy and she knows very well how to shock an audience, just as they were comfortably relaxing to the rhythm of her anecdotes.

Lucy Porter’s show ‘Me Time‘ is on midday at The Stand for a limited period of time until 10th Aug.


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