Punchline Recommends: David Trent Live at the Pleasance Courtyard

6 Aug
Photograph of David Trent

David Trent

Words by Iain McLaren

Starting with some pumping, high energy music, David Trent’s 2014 Fringe show takes you on a journey exploring some of the nastier sides of humankind.  Whether it’s ripping Robin Thicke and his cronies’ asses in two for their ridiculous and highly misogynistic Blurred Lines “song”, or exploring the mind and views of BNP master chef Nick Griffin, David Trent delivers a truly raucous and inspiring show which seeks to highlight and correct some of the wrongs in the world.

Using his signature projector stage setup David touches on various topics that affect all of us on a daily basis. Whether it’s ridiculous product placement gone mad, the NSA spying the porn habits of “terrorists” or even touching on the very confused Michael Gove’s thoughts behind his favourite rap songs, it is very hard not leave the show smiling and cheering.

This is David Trent’s best show yet; inventive, direct and full of energy in a show that will leave you wanting more, yet strangely satisfied at the same time. If you like side-splitting, rock ‘n’ roll humour, make this one of your must-see shows of the 2014 Fringe.

Catch David Trent at the Pleasance Courtyard every night at 9.45pm. Buy tickets here


David Trent and Angela Barnes

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