Punchline recommends: Sara Pascoe vs. History

6 Aug
Photograph of Sara Pascoe

Sara Pascoe

Words by Suzy Romer

Assembly’s lecture theatre venue is perfect for Sara Pascoe because her show includes the biology class on sex that we all wish we’d had. It’s so interesting that you might forget to laugh but there are laughs aplenty. Her approach to subjects is delightfully free of familiar for and against arguments. She challenges both sides equally with detached consideration and charming nonchalance. Whether you agree is not the point; she refreshes you into thinking for yourself as she leads you through her themes of the evening.

She often uses stories from her life that are hand-on-mouth funny and shocking. Although some of them initially sound like tabloid revelations, the unsettling part of them is their universality, the everywoman experience of bad boyfriends and weirdos in public places. She explores male/female relationships without stereotypes but with an aching honesty that makes men roar with laughter and women chuckle and nod.

And then there’s her boyfriend. Is this her actual, real boyfriend or artistic licence which rings true? I can only express the hope that this is one case where the individual does not mirror the universal. Here’s a twenty-first century dilemma for you. Which would you prefer? Board games, internet porn and reminiscing about exes, OR having fun with your scintillating, thought-provoking, super-hot boy/girlfriend? Let Sara Pascoe take you through the particulars and decide for yourself.

Catch Sara Pascoe at the Assembly George Square at 8.15pm. Buy tickets here

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