Punchline recommends Birthday Girls: Party Vibes

10 Aug
Photograph of Birthday Girls

Rose Johnson and Camille Ucan & Beattie Edmondson are Birthday Girls

 Words by Suzy Romer

Every night is party night with the Birthday Girls. There is an illicit joy about attending their show, which takes place in a temporary venue with a bar and a fruit machine, but no toilets or backstage. The performers chat to the arriving audience as they set up. In a room like a disused warehouse, the three performers (Beattie Edmondson, Rose Johnson and Camille Ucan) prepare a sound system and a cool backdrop. Ready. Party Vibes is as exciting as a celebration in a speakeasy.

But these women don’t just speak easy; they say whatever they damn well please. They make you feel like you are taking part in a wild night out although they are supplying all the laughs, glamour and scandal. They drink, they brawl, they gamble and they dance. The choreographed numbers which run through the show make it impossible not to grin and whoop. The sketches are wide-ranging in their subject matter and occasionally go beyond your weirdest dreams. There is an outstanding parody of late night adverts for ladies’ bingo. The group list all the sugar and spice that good girls are supposed to be made of (high heels, chocolate, etc), whilst selling us a sticky old gambling habit. Reality TV-style diet shows and internet trolls also get the Birthday Girl treatment: slugged and nailed and smashed like snails, HA HAR!

What’s more, if rude, crude and fantastically good comedy isn’t enough, you’ll learn a thing or two as well. Ever wondered what to say at a wine tasting? Or how the logistics of a threesome work? Never fear. These lasses surf where angels fear to tread and the audience greets it all with shrieks and occasionally barks of delight.

The evening of Free Fringe prohibition-style pleasure ends appropriately with cash payment so it’s a case of no receipts and no regrets. You want to pay more at the end than you planned at the start! I leave on a high thinking it’s just as well we gals don’t behave like this all the time. Or is it?

You can catch Birthday Girls: Party Vibes at Cowgatehead every night at 10pm. They’re packing the place out so GET THERE EARLY. More information here

Birthday Girls

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