Punchline Recommends: James Acaster ‘Recognise’

12 Aug

Words by Susan Ford

James Acaster

James Acaster

Twice-nominated for the Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Award, James Acaster is back again this year with another magnificent show. James Acaster is so good at writing comedy, it’s easy to get wrapped up in his whimsical storylines as if it’s real life. In fact, his make-believe life is so intriguing, it would be a much better place to exist in James’ world than my own.

James Acaster landscapes tales of an occupation he never had with such conviction, it leaves the audience hanging on to every word in awe. The other themes and topics may be basic at first sight, but the way James weaves and moulds them in to a show is something really quite special. Adopting one theme, dropping related anecdotes periodically and twisting the idea to its most hilarious potential, is Acaster’s trademark style, and no one could do it half as well as him.

It’s hard to give you a round up of what ‘Recognise’ is about, but that is James’ secret ingredient to a good Fringe show. His shows are selling out most nights, so I strongly recommend looking for a ticket now!

James Acaster performs ‘Recognise‘ at Pleasance Canaret Bar at 8pm.

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