Punchline Recommends: ‘Aaaand Now for Something Completely Improvised’

Words by Susan Ford

Racing Minds
Racing Minds

Racing Minds are back at the Edinburgh festival from their 2013 sell-out Fringe with new show ‘Aaaand Now for Something Completely Improvised’.

Entering the venue, you are greeted by a butler with a tray of treats, and then a bumbling Grandfather starts the show. This forgetful old man can’t remember a brilliant story, and looks to the audience for suggestions – but that’s as much of the plot as I can reveal. As the title outlines, everything in the performance is improvised, meaning every day is different, and every story uniquely created as the show goes on.

The actors in Racing Minds are very, very good at improvisation, adding plots and twists to their made-up stories with ease. They have a variety of props that are moulded to fit the story line, adding humour in an original way. Each person on stage is always one step ahead of the next, setting up his fellow actor to improvise his way out of a situation; the outcomes from this are consistently funny throughout.

Aaaand Now for Something Complete Improvised‘ is on in Pleasance Courtyard at 11.45 each day, and is suitable for the whole family. We recommend booking your seat early as it is selling out fast.


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