Punchline Recommends: Nish Kumar ‘Ruminations on the Nature of Subjectivity’

Words by Susan Ford

Nish Kumar
Nish Kumar

Nish Kumar is back at the Fringe to perform his ninth show as the self-confessed “veteran underdog” of the Festival. ‘Ruminations on the Nature of Subjectivity’ is on in Pleasance Courtyard at 19.15, and is definitely worth a visit.

In his show, Nish discusses what it is to have an opinion, and how we, as a society, predict some people to have certain opinions based upon stereotypes. He opens this discussion with the apt idea of comedy, and how it is perceived by different people in different places to form complete opposite opinions on ‘what is comedy’. From this first mind-bending experience of Nish Kumar’s delivery, I am hooked on every hilarious anecdote.

Nish is a Durham University graduate, and is evidentially a very clever man. Not only are his jokes seriously funny, but they are well-researched, well-written, and perfectly-timed. He doesn’t just observe something funny and relay it to his audience word for word, Nish mixes it with passion and comedic skill in a show filled with laughter from beginning to end.

Nish Kumar ‘Ruminations on the Nature of Subjectivity‘ is on every night at Pleasance Beside, 19.15.


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