Scottish Institute for Enterprise Feature on Rosalind Romer from Punchline

Photo of Rosalind Romer, Punchline
Rosalind Romer, Punchline

Rosalind Romer is a graduate from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in Counselling Studies. She is now Comedy Producer and Owner of Punchline – a new generation of shows which brings the best comedians together to create amazing nights of entertainment.

Rosalind hadn’t considered entrepreneurship when she started her university degree but had always loved comedy. After taking part in a ‘starting out’ workshop her idea for Punchline began to grow steadily. Since then, Rosalind has produced many Punchline shows in Edinburgh and Perth and won New Ventures in 2013.

“Just go for it. You can plan and plan but until you take that first step, you don’t know if it’s going to work. When you’re at university you’ve got so much support, go and ask for help. People are amazing, there’s so many resources so just go for it!”

Read the full case study here and watch a video from Rosalind below talking about how she got started and how YOU can do it too!


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