A 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Interview with Dane Baptiste

Words by Susan Ford

After a Foster’s Newcomer nomination last year, Dane Baptiste is set to return to the Festival this year on top form with his second solo show ‘Reasonable Doubts’. As the countdown to the Fringe continues, and just six weeks to go, I caught up with Dane to see how he is preparing himself for a month of madness in Edinburgh.


Hello Dane, how are you?
To be honest a little stressed, the world’s biggest comedy festival starts in 6 weeks, but you know that’s show business!! Other than that, I’m as happy as you’d expect a comedian to be.

Are you excited about performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year?

I am indeed; despite my neuroses about the festival I look forward to being in a place completely dedicated to comedy for a month, even if it means no summer.

How many years have you performed in Edinburgh, and what does the Festival mean to you?

I went for the first time in 2010, so it’s been 4 times, but only the last 2 I did Big Value, and then my debut show last year. So I guess I have a white belt with an orange stripe.

You had a fantastic year at the Fringe last year, what are your expectations for the festival this year?

Hopefully, to build on and possibly surpass the success of last year, which I feel gave me the actual status of comedian, hopefully this show will cement that status.

How happy were you with last year’s Best Newcomer Nomination and has it made the build up to this year even more exciting?

It was so amazing to be nominated, I felt like I won something and allowed me to maintain a pageant queen level of professionalism when I didn’t. But I was elated to have my first debut be acknowledged.


Tell us about your new show for 2015.
The show is called reasonable doubts, and the idea originated from me 
being afraid about the sophomore jinx, and then about how my fears go from rational to irrational and from personal to social to finally global. It’s a little deeper and darker than last year, but will be a very good show that makes you laugh and think, or drink depending on how you deal with anxiety.

What mind set should the audience come to your show with?
An audience that knows me should expect to see me build on the persona I introduced with the first show, and the return of some themes and characters they would have enjoyed from the first show. New audiences should expect a show about an individual suffering the human condition and the journey about searching for a cure. WITH HILARIOUS RESULTS! YAAAY!

Will you be involved in any other shows this year other than your solo show?

I will definitely be knocking around various shows from the BBC tent to the free fringe peddling my wares, and making sure my wit stays sharp outside of my own show.

What other acts do you recommend we catch at this year’s Fringe?
Oh there are too many, but based on the previews I’ve seen, I would recommend Felicity Ward, Lazy Susan, Phil Wang, Tez Illyas, Joel Dommett, Masai Graham, Freddy Farrell, Funmbi Omotayo, Sarah Callaghan, Twayna Mayne, Elliot Steel and Jake Lambert, Trevor Noah, Andrew Maxwell and on and on, just soak it all up!

Dane Baptiste’s new stand up show ‘Reasonable Doubts’ will be at the Pleasance Courtyard from 5th – 30th August.


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