Punchline recommends Phil Jerrod: Neanderthal

9 Aug

Phil Jerrod 2015

Words by Suzy Romer

Phil Jerrod presents a good solid set with some insights into life when you are least expecting them. He sets up an immediate, comfortable rapport with the audience and wastes no time before getting on to the good stuff.

Starting with his beard and his country upbringing, he takes us on a gentle mosey around the preoccupations and distractions of the British middle-classes. His meandering themes are shot through with shrewd observations which allow us to giggle at our own weaknesses and take comfort as he dispatches some of our more ridiculous worries. He teases out universal human themes from baking and Facebook with the profundity and elegance of a novelist.

He helps us to see that we are not to be congratulated too much for our achievements, nor berated if those achievements are of a lesser sort. There is a lot of laughter in this show and while he’s one to watch, he provides a great evening’s entertainment right now. Other than a couple of Neanderthal comments about women (just take them OUT) this is a splendid Edinburgh debut.

You can see Phil Jerrod: Neanderthal in the Pleasance Courtyard at 19:00 throughout August.

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