Punchline Recommends: Ray Bradshaw ‘I Dare Ray to…’

Words by Susan Ford

‘I Dare Ray to…’ is the first full hour from Scottish comedian Ray Bradshaw, and my goodness, it’s an absolute belter. The concept is simple: Ray Bradshaw accepts dares from the public and lives (only just) to tell the tale on stage at the Edinburgh Festival.

Ray Bradshaw set up a website that invited anybody to dare him to do something, and he’d complete the challenge in the good name of comedy. Ray outlines the differences in dares set between men and women, in that the women wanted him to complete big, life-confirming quests, and the men wanted to make him look like an idiot in the most embarrassing and dangerous ways. The results, are both admirable and very, very funny!

The stories that Ray weaves about the dares he has done, needless to say, are absolutely hilarious; he is silly, he is mad, and he has created a fantastic hour of comedy. Even though though we are sitting in another really hot venue, by the time the show comes to an end, you can’t help but cling on to your seat and say “and then what did you do Ray?”

Catch Ray Bradshaw ‘I Dare Ray to…‘ in Gilded Balloon Turret at 16.15.


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