Punchline Recommends: Laura Lexx ‘Lovely’

17 Aug

Words by Susan Ford

Laura Lexx is Lovely in every possible way; she is upbeat, friendly, optimistic and a seriously good comedian. Laura has a lovely story, and she’s using her first hour long solo show at the Edinburgh Festival to share it with us.
Laura Lexx has a beautiful stage presence, perky and smiley with every joke. She describes her positivity as being ‘smug’, but it is nothing of the sort, and is instead endearing, making for a very funny show. Spending an hour in Laura’s company is a delight, and could pick up the most miserable or pessimistic person in attendance. The bubbly punchlines accompany brilliant stories, making ‘Lovely’ by Laura Lexx, the feel good hit of the Festival.

Catch Laura Lexx ‘Lovely‘ at Udderbelly Clover 4.05.

2 Responses to “Punchline Recommends: Laura Lexx ‘Lovely’”


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