Punchline Recommends: Iain Stirling ‘Touchy Feely’

Words by Susan Ford

You may recognise Iain Stirling as a children’s TV presenter, or maybe more recently as the voiceover for Love Island: whichever way you’ve known Iain in the past, be sure that by the end of the Fringe you’ll recognise Iain Stirling as one of Scotland’s best comedians. Iain Stirling performs his new show ‘Touchy Feely’ at Pleasance Courtyard through the 2015 Edinburgh Festival.
This is by no means Iain’s first time at the Fringe, he has been performing to Edinburgh audiences for over 3 Years. 2015 sees Iain at his very best, however, Iain has never dipped from being at his best every time he prepares a show for Edinburgh. ‘Touchy Feely’ shows Iain’s well-developed and beautiful experience as a comedian, as he weaves his way through jokes and stories that leave the crowd roaring with laughter throughout.

Iain Stirling doesn’t just tackle the big issues of modern day, but also the smaller ones that affects us all. From fast food horrors to non-drinking friends who like Tupperware, Iain’s show incorporates excellent observations with top-class jokes, making for an utterly brilliant and very, very funny performance.

Catch Iain Stirling’s ‘Touchy Feely‘ at Pleasance Courtyard 19.40.


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