Stuart Mitchell – a 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Interview

Interview by Susan Ford

stuart mitchellStuart Mitchell has been ‘Dealt a Bad Hand‘, and is coming to Edinburgh to share his experiences through an hour of stand up comedy.  Scottish comedian Stuart is no stranger to the Edinburgh Festival, and is performing a full hour of solo material this year with his new show.  As the Edinburgh Fringe kicks in this week, I caught up with Stuart to see how he is getting ready for the shows.

Hello Stuart, how are you?
I am feeling great and very much looking forward to my debut in Edinburgh. I am actually currently sitting on the Megabus to London while the person beside me is reading every word I am typing! Hopefully they come to the show!

Are you excited about performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year?
YES! It is my debut show in my home country. I did my first gig in Edinburgh so it’s fitting to be returning to where it all began. Scotland is known for its sense of humour and great comedy. I have worked hard on my show and I look forward to presenting my work to a mass audience.   Most importantly I am happy with the show.

Although this is not your first time performing at the Edinburgh Festival, I believe this is your first solo show? Tell us more about the new show…
The show is called “Dealt a Bad Hand”.  From medication complications to losing both parents I share will the audience my life story.  Normally comedians do a show about their dead dad or dead mum but with me for get 2 for 1.

How does performing with other comedians as part of a show compare to performing an hour solo?
You obviously get more time on stage so you can move away from a normal 20minute club set and invite the audience into your world for a full hour.

What are your expectations and dreams for this year’s Fringe?
To enjoy it. The fringe starts 10 days after I get married. Edinburgh is my honeymoon. I am starting as I mean to go on. Disappearing for weeks and blowing all our money.

What is your favourite thing about the Festival?
The freedom to create a show from scratch that resonates with an international audience. Pulling everything together to showcase your very best hour of material. It is also great to touch base with comics you have bumped into across the world at various gigs and festivals.

What preparations do you have in place for the lead up to the Festival?
I have been to Australia, Los Angeles and even Vegas to work on the show. I have also been previewing the show across the UK & Ireland to make sure it’s the very best it can be.

How do you plan on remaining unique with so many performers at the Fringe and what will make you stand out?
Everything in the s
how is true and real. Many comedians during previews have said my show will be like nothing else in Edinburgh which is nice to hear.

Will you be involved in any other shows other than your solo one this year?
I am taking part in various spots to promote my show however my main focus is my own debut and I don’t want to exhaust myself.

What’s the best and worst audience reaction that you have experienced whilst performing at the Edinburgh Fringe, and how do you deal with hecklers?
2 years ago the microphone failed and I carried on with the show. It turned out to be one of my all-time best gigs. During Edinburgh I have also been heckled by a dog and a crying baby. At the same show!

What other acts do you recommend we catch at this year’s Fringe?
I saw Randy Writes A Novel in Australia and it blew me away. A must see. For something mental and totally out there (18+ only) I would say Richard Gadd. A true comedy friend and extremely talented comedian, writer and actor.


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