Punchline Recommends: Birthday Girls – Sh!t Hot Party Legends

Photograph of Birthday GirlsWords by Suzy Romer

It is a truth universally acknowledged that April deadlines for Fringe Guide entries mean that show titles and contents usually bear no relation to each other. So it comes as a thrilling surprise that Sh!t Hot Party Legends is EXACTLY what you get and one hour is just not enough.  Complete with pumpin’ party hits and full-scale super group dance routines, it recreates all the joy of a night out on the town without any of the inconvenience of cloakrooms, toilets and petty theft. These club-related irritations are converted into cheeky chronological sketches which are mixed in with a veritable cocktail of comedy fizz.

They do a great line in parodies, pop into male characters with no trouble and get surprisingly scary when they unleash their talent for horror. They also induce snorts with their jokes about who runs the world and what to do about it. Rose does a number on Ian Rankin that has me squirming to think he might actually be around for the comedy drubbing.  Camille moves seamlessly from posh girl with a promotion to pervert with a B&B and everything in between. Meanwhile Beattie does her best to seduce a member of the audience, under the watchful guidance of her colleagues.

There is a lot of really smart stuff in here, especially when they send up marketing talk and get to the bottom of why women like shoes. The satirical brilliance is mixed in with delightful madcap nonsense and  all wrapped up in a total experience that is the answer to the craving that regular Fringe goers are always looking to satisfy.

Catch the Birthday Girls at 9.45pm at the Pleasance Courtyard throughout August. Click here for more information and tickets


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