Punchline Recommends Tez Ilyas ‘Made in Britain’

Words by Susan Ford

Tez Ilyas more than entertained audiences at last year’s Fringe with the highly acclaimed ‘Tez Talks’; but 2016 sees Tez take comedy shows to a whole new level as he presents ‘Made in Britain’. Tez’s style of comedy is completely unique, and enjoyable in so many ways, but this year the highlight and most endearing quality of his writing, has to be the intimacy and honesty that he weaves into the new show.

‘Made in Britain’ is a much more personal insight into the life and mind of a total legend, Tez Ilyas.  Tez grew up in the UK, and uses his hour in the spotlight to highlight the pros, the cons, and the funny side of life in Britain. None of Tez’s anecdotes are to be expected, and not all of them are upbeat, but you can be rest-assured that Tez will make the most heart-wrenching stories a hilarious routine fit for the comedy stage.

There is a real warmth in spending an hour as part of Tez Ilyas’s audience, even when the usually dreaded crowd participation kicks in, you will find yourself itching to be a part of it. Please take the opportunity now to see Tez Ilyas at Peasance Bunker during the Fesival. ‘Made in Britain‘ is on at 17.30 throughout the Edinburgh Fringe.


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