Punchline Recommends: Paul McCaffrey ‘Fresh Hell’

Words by Susan Ford

Punchline always recommends the Free Fringe; a show does not need to be ticketed for it to include big names in comedy, or have a jam-packed audience everyday. Paul McCaffrey proves this point, with his 2016 show, as part of the Free Fringe, ‘Fresh Hell’. Paul McCaffrey is a very well known and well liked comedian, so I strongly recommend getting down early to the show in City Cafe to avoid disappointment. Even half an hour early before doors open, there is a huge queue, and people turned away from this gig as it reached its capacity.  But, my goodness is it worth the wait…

Paul McCaffrey is a very funny man, the kind of person who could talk about boiled eggs and have the crowds crying with laughter. Paul is a very rare breed of Edinburgh comedian, the kind of performer who wouldn’t need a hidden theme or strong political message to make himself stand out, instead, purely his laugh-a-minute personality and great anecdotes do the trick. It’s always a pleasure to see Paul perform, and he lets nobody down with his new 2016 show.

Paul McCaffrey is just one of many great performers on the Free Fringe, and is a brilliantly funny comedian, not to be missed this year. Catch Paul McCaffrey’s ‘Fresh Hell‘ at 18.45 throughout the festival at City Cafe.


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