The Birthday Girls answer Punchline’s Burning Questions

15 Aug

wp-1471333881847.jpgWhat is the best advice for a new performer in Edinburgh?

LOVE YOUR SHOW. You are the only person who has to do it every day. Only worry about the things you can control, which at the Edinburgh Fringe is next to nothing, so just try and have a nice time. Remember to pack vegetables and eat them every day or you will die half way through (wine is not a vegetable).

What is the best advice for a new festival goer?

Layers are your friend, Edinburgh is freezing on the outside but boiling hot whenever you step inside any venue. Check out the free fringe, there are some brilliant (and also some terrible shows) but they’re all worth seeing ‘cos they’re free! And obviously check out Birthday Girls, we’ll be here every year until we die and when we die visit our graves, we’ll be buried in the Pleasance Courtyard.

What do you have to have in your fridge during August?

Apart from vegetables our faves are: lemon and ginger too soothe our voices from all the hilarious shouting we do, Lucozade Sport because sketch comedy is technically a form of sport (and also it’s one of your five a day) and crisps. Cos we like our crisps ice cold.

What is the weirdest after-show comment you have had from an audience member?

A guy in the courtyard the other day told us that he HATES sketch comedy but he LOVED our show. We’re taking down the sketco haters one at a time.

Which living person would you like to spot in your audience?

Our Mums. We just want them to be proud of our life choices.

What is the best non-Fringe thing about the city of Edinburgh?

The Scottish breakfasts. So many great items you don’t get in an English breakfast. Tattie scones yes please.

How do you relieve Fringe cabin fever?

Walk up Arthurs seat and breathe that sweet Scottish air.

Who or what last made you laugh like a hyena at the Fringe?

Our Fringe Flatmate, Emma Sidi. She did a great performance piece in the kitchen with a mackerel and some lentils called ‘What Am I Gonna Have for Lunch?’.

Tell us about your 2016 show.

It’s called SH!T HOT PARTY LEGENDS! There’s sketches, dancing and shots. It’s raucous, it’s fun, it’s a party show!

What are the best shows at the Fringe apart from yours?

Mae Martin is doing a work in progress, Daniel Cook on the Free Fringe, Emma Sidi, Beasts in Mr. Edinburgh, Suzi Ruffell, Lolly Adefope.

When you go home and your friends say “How was Edinburgh?”, what will you say?

We usually need two weeks to recover the power of speech but when we do we will make very enthusiastic sounds.

Catch The Birthday Girls: Sh!t Hot Party Legends at 9.45pm at the Pleasance Courtyard until 28 August, and as part of Massive Lazy Girls at 11.30pm 24 – 26 August only

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