Punchline Recommends: Suzi Ruffell ‘Common’

Words by Christopher Stewart

Suzi Ruffell makes a welcome return to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with her new show ‘Common’, and what better way is there than to spend your time in the company of a comedian at the very top of her game?

Suzi has created an excellent hour of comedy around what it is to be working class, with stories ranging from the hilarious to the movingly personal. She delights her audience with a hilarious set, outlining how her background has affected her life, her family and her career. Suzi’s show is delivered with a confidence and zeal that will make you laugh, cringe and, on occasion, perhaps even cry. 

In lesser hands this subject might have descended into cliches of class politics, but instead Suzi Ruffell brings so much more, performing a feel-good show around the importance of accepting and embracing the past. No matter who you are, and whatever your background, Suzi’s comedic skill and assured storytelling will mean you leave this show with a spring in your step having seen one of the very best at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

Suzi Ruffell’s show ‘Common‘ is on at The Mash House, PWYW, throughout the Fringe at 20.20.


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