Punchline Recommends: Lazy Susan – Crazy Sexy Fool

19 Aug

Photograph of Lazy Susan There are heaps of self-help videos out there on YouTube, but if Dinky and Baby ever decide to put up their sex advice videos, I will subscribe. The double act (real names Freya Parker and Celeste Dring) catch so perfectly the ditzy, wide-eyed eagerness to help, with soft American accents and squeezable cuteness. As you wait for their sexual adventures to unfold, they have you on the edge of your seat and the brink of hysterical giggles. But then the devious undercutting and one-upwomanship begins and they are SO good at this. Underhand power-grabbing tactics infuse the comic relationship between their onstage alter egos too. Celeste has just broken up with her boyfriend and Freya tries to comfort her. Cue the most delicious compliment fishing and narcissism from Celeste while Freya dreams of escaping from her downtrodden existence to a place where creatures are wild and free. With this backdrop, we are taken into a rich variety of other scenarios where each of the paired characters has outwardly positive relationships masking lots of grubby little secrets which are revealed with consummate skill and laughs aplenty.

All in all these gals take a wonderful comic slant on all those things lauded for being “relevant”: egotism, glib life advice that fits neatly into pithy little maxims for social media, self-appointed experts whose only qualification is the possession of a webcam, not to mention the glamour and danger of talking to strangers. It is a perfect hour of hilarious double-dealing and salacious thrills from two of the most talented performers in town.

Catch Lazy Susan: Crazy Sexy Fool at 7.15pm at the Pleasance Courtyard until 29 August and as part of Massive Lazy Girls at 11.30pm on 24-28 August


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