Punchline Quizzes Larry Dean

Photograph of Larry DeanWho puts your pants in the washing machine?

Me, because I choose to live alone. Not my first choice, or my second. But it is totally up to me, okay?

Which words make you giggle or give you an inner flip of amusement?

I love Glaswegian swear words: Fandan, Boaby, Bawbag, Chufter.

Tell us about your favourite addictions.

My e-cigarette doesn’t leave my mouth very often, either does Irn Bru.

What´s your favourite comedy routine of all time?

Billy Connolly’s Australia routine or on football songs. Both oldies but classics. Non-Scottish wise, it would have to be Richard Pryor talking about his pets.

Where is your favourite place to go for food during the Edinburgh Fringe?

In my flat, I will only have ham sandwiches and soup but I don’t like busy cafes and there’s nowhere to eat in Edinburgh that isn’t busy in August.

What´s the weirdest thing an audience member has ever said to you?

I did this gag about being a middle-class Glaswegian while I was in Liverpool. It got nothing. Then some guy shouted out “The Titanic was made in Belfast!” Leaving me confused as to what the hell he was on about “That has absolutely nothing to do with anything I’ve said mate.” “Yeah, it’s a fact though…” “Right?” I said, to which he replied “Just like how it’s a fact that you’re not funny.”

What have you learned about life through performing at the Fringe?

That you have to work very hard to get anywhere in life. And that most actors are pricks.

Tell us about a coincidence or piece of luck that led you to where you are today.

I’ve definitely had luck but probably not a good idea to remember luck as it’s not something you can rely on in the future. I guess I’m lucky me and my ex broke up so I get to put my pants in the washing machine.

Who are you most excited about seeing this year?

Matt Price. He is doing a show called Last Night A Weegie Saved My Life. It will be brilliant, definitely recommend checking it out.

What can you definitely advise us against doing in Edinburgh?

Eating local cuisine. Have Scottish food, just not the food Scottish people actually eat


Catch Larry Dean: Bampot at Assembly Checkpoint at 5pm, 2 – 26 August (not 13)

Fresh from a sell-out international tour and smash-hit Live at the Apollo debut, Larry returns with a new hour of ‘unexpected and excellent’ **** (Times) thoughts on Scottishness, sodomites and self-esteem. ‘Confessional storytelling at its funniest’ ***** (Herald). As seen on Comedy Central at the Comedy Store and Roast Battle. ‘The easy charm of an arena comic and the high joke rate, too’ (Guardian). ‘A winning combination of being daft and a smart aleck’ (Chortle.co.uk). Winner of the Amused Moose Comedy Award 2016. Nominee for Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer 2015.


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