Punchline recommends Alex Edelman: Just for Us

Photograph of Alex EdelmanWords by Suzy Romer

When Alex Edelman introduces himself as a Jewish comedian who spends a lot of time in New York, I immediately think joyfully of comedy heroes like the Marx Brothers and Moss Hart. It’s a shock when it turns out that the abuse he gets online and in real life is as repulsive as it was in the 1930s. He opens with straight-down-the-line smart, funny jokes before introducing, with charming reluctance, the central thrust of this year’s show. Earlier this year, Bridget Christie firmly encouraged this non-political young comedian to confront the hatred of Trump’s world in his show.

This is where Alex’s comic genius comes into play. He does what many of us feel we should do and takes decisive action with civility and optimism. I don’t want to give much away but the particular way he goes about it is so funny, so true to his own unusual personality and so brave that by the end of the show you come out with a thrilling, not to say frightening, adventure behind you. The ending is so satisfying you can practically chew it.

Alex is an amazing story teller and shares delicious details about Stephen Fry, Prince William and the BAFTAs with wry generosity and a mischievous sparkle in his eye. His warmth and hard-won wisdom make it abundantly clear that he is going places quickly and that it would be a good idea to see him now while he is still in the delightful Cabaret Bar at the Pleasance.

Catch Alex Edelman: Just for Us at 8pm at the Pleasance Courtyard throughout August

Read Alex’s answers to Punchline’s questions here


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